Environmental Remediation

Clean-up of the hydrocarbon impacted sites, restoration of artisanal refining sites and any other identified polluted sites in the UNEP report including the clean-up of contaminated land, treatment of contaminated sediments, decontamination of groundwater, treatment of surface water, restoration of swamplands, mangrove restoration and rehabilitation, surveillance and monitoring are activities under HYPREP remediation project.

Land Remediation

The UNEP Report identified sixty-five (65) hydrocarbon impacted sites with available site specific fact sheets and recommended same for remediation. In addition to sites assessed by UNEP, there are other spill sites not captured in the UNEP and oil spill incidents that happened after UNEP carried out environmental assessment in Ogoniland. These additional spill sites are planned for remediation works by HYPREP as well as clean-up of polluted shorelines and restoration of mangroves in Ogoniland. HYPREP, using a Risk-Based Screening Level (RBSL) approach, classified the hydrocarbon impacted sites into Category A and B. Category A sites are complex sites in nature with extensive soil and groundwater contaminations which pose high risk to humans and the environment. Category B sites are hydrocarbon impacted sites which pose medium risk to humans and the environment with extensive soil pollution and slight groundwater contamination.

Shoreline Remediation

The Hydrocarbon Pollution Remediation Project (HYPREP) is actively engaged in shoreline cleanup and mangrove restoration activities across B-Dere, K-Dere, Kpor, Goi, and Bomu communities in Gokana LGA, Ogoniland. The project involves 34 shoreline cleanup contractors and 9 mangrove planting contractors. While progress is being made, challenges in contractor mobilization pose significant obstacles. This report provides a comprehensive update on the project overview, status, the Rapid SCAT survey activities in other Ogoni Shoreline communities, and challenges faced in contractor mobilization.

Mangrove Restoration

HYPREP is actively involved in mangrove restoration of the Ogoni environment, with Bomu in Gokana LGA as the pilot phase, ninety (90) community workers were trained in IMO level 1 in September 2023 on mangrove nursery preparation/management and stipend was given to them to setup nurseries.
These trained community workers who are mangrove vanguards have planted over 2.5 million mangrove seedlings of red, black, and white mangroves ready to be transplanted by nine (9) selected mangrove contractors.

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