Center of Excellence

HYPREP in keeping with the recommendations of UNEP, commenced the construction of the Centre of Excellence for Environmental Restoration with an Integrated Contaminated Soil Management Centre (ICSMC) with the award of contract to the Contractor China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation (CCECC) Nigeria Limited and was flagged up on May 27, 2023. Actual activity on site commenced August 2023 following the handing over of site to the contractor The center will: Run training courses in environmental monitoring and restoration Enhance the capacity and skills of the Ogoni community, with opportunities for employment Promote learning, both in the region and more widely, including abroad Become a model for environmental restoration, attracting visiting experts, students and visitors from overseas Assist with business development, offering training on all aspects of setting up and running a successful company (legal, financial, technical, health and safety, etc.) Open its enrolment to people outside Ogoniland and the wider Niger Delta (including from other countries)

Community Workers

Community workers A total of Six Hundred and One Community workers from Ogoni extractions, particularly artisans have been recruited to support the construction of Centre of Excellence for Environmental Restoration. Community workers are being sourced from the four LGAs of Ogoniland. Although the issue of some communities/ LGA being under recruited and renumeration were raised. HYPREP in addressing under recruitment of community workers, sourced artisans through the Community Development Officers (CDOs) for the various LGAs. In addressing the issue of wages, the Hon. Minister of Environment graciously approved a supplementary payment for the community workers. The approval led to the increase in wages paid to the community workers.

Establishment and Operationalisation of CEER

The establishment of CEER has commenced with the development of ongoing legal framework and the nomination strategy committee for establishment, management, and operationalisation of CEER. These were set-up with the help of UNEP and other relevant partners. It is expected by the end of first quarter of 2024, the committee will commence deliberation on the subject matter.

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