Potable Water

Provision of Potable Water

Clean-up of the hydrocarbon impacted sites, restoration of artisanal refining sites and any other identified polluted sites in the UNEP report including the clean-up of contaminated land, treatment of contaminated sediments, decontamination of groundwater, treatment of surface water, restoration of swamplands, mangrove restoration and rehabilitation, surveillance and monitoring are activities under HYPREP remediation project.

Batch 1 Water Project

The first batch of this project which kick-started in June 2021 comprises six (6) lots with the aim to rehabilitate some existing water schemes and to carry out the construction of fresh facilities. This phase would benefit 29 communities, covering Bori/kpean; Barako/B-Dere; Terabor; Korokoro/Nonwa; Alesa; Agbonchia, Alode, Aleto and Ebubu/Nsisioken/ Ogale communities across the four (4) Local Government Areas, LGAs in Ogoniland (Eleme, Tai, Khana and Gokana).

Batch 2 Water Project

The second batch of this project which kick-started in June 2023 comprises fourteen (14) lots covering 71 communities, some of which are; Buan, Kono, Kwawa, Ewee, Bane, Bodo, Bomu, Deyor, Deken, Nwebiara, Barayira, Uegwere, Kaa, Eeken, Gwara, Okwale, Lueku, Taabaa, Kporgor, Bara-ale, Norkpo, Koroma, Onne, Eteo etc., across the four (4) LGAs (Eleme, Tai, Khana and Gokana).
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