As a deliberate policy of inclusivity, the Hydrocarbon Pollution Remediation Project (HYPREP) has extended its sustainable alternative livelihood programme to 40 Ogoni women in community markets, providing them with support funds to the tune of N4,000,000, in its pilot support scheme for nano businesses in the four LGAs.

The initiative is aimed at boosting small businesses in Ogoni communities, in recognition of the critical roles they play in stimulating economic growth and activities for sustainable livelihoods at the community level.

Speaking at the event in Wiiyaakara, Khana LGA, the Project Coordinator of HYPREP, Professor Nenibarini Zabbey stated that beyond providing financial assistance, HYPREP seeks to, through the initiative, ” foster an environment where local businesses can thrive, and innovation can flourish, enhancing the ability of beneficiaries to move up the income ladder, while inspiring others along the same path”

While assuring that HYPREP will continue to integrate all Ogonis regardless of their status, Professor Zabbey, noted that the empowerment of women to run successful businesses would eventually culminate in creating stronger and more resilient communities.

The PC stressed that by empowering these market women, HYPREP continues to prioritize inclusive participation in the Project implementation process and invest in Ogoniland’s future, and explained that the selection process was transparent and inclusive as beneficiaries were identified on the spot at their locations in local markets across the four LGAs.

Beneficiaries expressed gratitude to HYPREP and assured of making judicious use of the funds.

Participants who had earlier been trained in local enterprise development were issued certificates of participation.

Last year, HYPREP provided business support funds for 60 Ogoni Small Business owners as part of its sustainable alternative livelihood initiative to boost the local economy.

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